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Here is a curated selection of resources including web pages, YouTube videos, and books that we have found useful. 

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This is a great resource to explore to learn about DCD, with online workshops and printable resources to share with educators, coaches and therapists.




Search for Developmental Coordination Disorder to access easy-to-read articles about DCD and the ways it impacts children at various stages of their development.  Also includes short video tutorials to help kids with common challenging motor tasks.


Move Grow Engage


The work being done to at the University of Notre Dame in Western Australia to help children with DCD.


Kid Sense Child Development


Developmental Coordination Disorder and Its Consequences

(Edited by John Cairney, 2015, University of Toronto Press, Toronto)


This is a collection of academic papers addressing the personal, social, physical and mental health consequences of DCD. 



100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with Dyspraxia and DCD

(Amanda Kirby and Lynne Peters, 2007, Bloomsbury Education, London)


One idea per page to offer suggestions of support for children in the pre-school, primary and secondary school stages of life. 



Differently Wired.  Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World

(Deborah Reber, 2018, Workman Publishing, New York)


This book is written by Deborah Reber, founder of TiLT Parenting, and offers support and advice for parents raising neuro-diverse children.  While it does not directly mention DCD, I personally found this book very useful. 


Quality of Life in Children with DCD


What is Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)?


DCD in Secondary School:  Let’s MATCH for Success


impACT for DCD


Conducted in Australia, impACT for DCD was the largest survey of its kind conducted to identify challenges faced by children with DCD and their families across five (5) domains:  diagnosis, activity and participation, education, therapy, and social and emotional health.  At the link below, you can download a 2 page summary of the findings, or read the full 60 page report.


Bluefooted:  The Flight Path of the Uncoordinated Life - Juliet Waters


Why Haven’t We Heard of Dyspraxia? - Gia Miller


Pug Diaries - The Devil is in the Detail - Dumbing Down Dyspraxia - Yorkie007

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