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Our Guiding Principles and Vision will drive our Actions at

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Combining our four pillars with our core values, we believe:


Awareness grows understanding and empathy.

Advocacy is kindness and courage embodied.

Action builds inclusivity and acceptance.

Achievement is resilient and confident children and adults with DCD thriving in their schools and communities.


My vision for DCD Kids it to create Awareness, Advocacy and Action so that we Achieve:


Recognition of DCD as a condition that impacts the whole child:
  • Motor learning, planning, and coordination

  • Social participation and inclusion

  • Emotional well-being

  • Individuality - the child’s sense of self and worth in their families, schools, and communities


DCD is immediately recognized and understood by educators when a child presents with a diagnosis and/or is in need of support.


  • School districts acknowledge that DCD is a condition that impacts all areas of a child’s ability to fully engage in the educational experience and children are supported.  

  • Educational ministries agree DCD is a condition worthy of designation for funding support.

  • Community and sporting groups feel confident in welcoming and accommodating a child or adult with DCD.


And that children with DCD can grow into adults realizing their full potential and feeling fully welcomed and valued in all parts of their lives.   

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