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Hi, I’m Sue.  Originally from tropical Australia, I now live and raise my family in snowy Canada.  I am a writer, yoga teacher, business development and event management professional, and parent to two awesome children.  One of whom lives with DCD.

Why I created

When my son was diagnosed with DCD, I looked for ways to educate myself about his condition.  I found a lot of fantastic information written by researchers.  However there was very, very little to be found written from a parent’s perspective.  It is into this space that I offer my voice.  


It is my heartfelt aim that this site will be a place of positivity and connection for those supporting a DCD child. 


Why the 4 As:  Awareness, Advocacy, Action and Achievement?


I created the 4 As as signposts to guide me in the work of this site.


Early in our DCD journey, while seeking support for my son, I often found myself frustrated by the lack of understanding of DCD as a motor condition and its secondary social and emotional impacts. 


I had intended to write a blog.  Then I realized that this would give voice to the challenges but not necessarily bring about the meaningful change I was hoping for. 


The 4 As each build on each other.  I believe that by making sure the work we do at DCD Kids aligns with one or more of these pillars, we are building towards meaningful change and better outcomes for our DCD kids. 


Because only through raising awareness and understanding of DCD and its impacts on our children can we advocate for meaningful change in our education systems and communities and create the action needed to support our kids in achieving their full potential. 

Super Hero Kids


In writing for this site, I am sharing the personal experiences of our family, from a parent’s perspective.  Please understand that sometimes it can be difficult to share these personal experiences.   There will be experiences we will share, and some we will not to protect the privacy and well-being of our family members. 


We welcome connection and conversation around the DCD journey.  Should you choose to comment on a post, we respectfully request that you please keep comments positive and respectful.




The articles on are of a personal nature and do not constitute medical or professional advice. ​



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